New Products

New Products


Two modulators can be controlled with one controller, All settings are remote controllable through ...

New Products

Universal DPMZ Modulator Bias Controller

Dual Polarization, DQPSK/QAM, with GUI

New Products

LED beam profile analyzer

compact, analyze the optical beam profile with 2-D and 3-d display

New Products

CAM Instant Display

compact, do not need any computer, video image can be displayed and stored

Telecom Applications

Modulator bias controller family for:

  • SP DQPSK/QAM applications
  • DP DQPSK/QAM applications
  • DQPSK/BPSK application
  • DQPSK/SSB application
  • Analog applications
  • Digital applications
  • Laser TEC and Current driver


  • Super Fast EDFA
  • Optical Noise Ratio Generator

Tests & Measurement

  • Notch Filter
  • FemtoSecond Timing and Synchronization System
  • Single Shot Regenerator
  • Lab Testing Application:
  • Cam Instant Display
  • Beam Profile Monitor and Analyzer

Environment & Sensors

  • Electrical Power Station OverVoltage Detector