New Products

New Products

Handheld Optical Spectrometer

Cellphone based, compact, easily networking

New Products


For Dual DC port modulator bias control, with pulse mode feature to increase the extinction ratio fo ...

New Products

Super Mini-modulator bias controller

low noise, high sensitivity, high extinction for with pulse mode application, GUI is provided, UART ...

New Products


Two modulators can be controlled with one controller, All settings are remote controllable through ...

New Products

Universal DPMZ Modulator Bias Controller

Dual Polarization, DQPSK/QAM, with GUI

New Products

LED beam profile analyzer

compact, analyze the optical beam profile with 2-D and 3-d display

New Products

CAM Instant Display

compact, do not need any computer, video image can be displayed and stored

New Products

DPMZ modulator bias controller for Single Side Band applications

For SSB application, with tunability

Telecom Applications

Modulator bias controller family for:

  • SP DQPSK/QAM applications
  • DP DQPSK/QAM applications
  • DQPSK/BPSK application
  • DQPSK/SSB application
  • Analog applications
  • Digital applications
  • Laser TEC and Current driver


  • Super Fast EDFA
  • Optical Noise Ratio Generator

Tests & Measurement

  • Notch Filter
  • FemtoSecond Timing and Synchronization System
  • Single Shot Regenerator
  • Lab Testing Application:
  • Cam Instant Display
  • Beam Profile Monitor and Analyzer

Environment & Sensors

  • Electrical Power Station OverVoltage Detector