YY Labs, Inc. is an advanced technology firm, located in Fremont, California. Incorporated in 1997, the company’s mission is to develop, manufacture, market, and sell optical components, modules, and instruments for testing and measuring electrical and optical signals. The company will also research and develop new products, as requested by customers, and help customers to set up production of the new products, with the provision of any needed technical support. 

YY Labs received Department of Energy Small Business Innovation Research awards (Phase I and Phase II) for developing an instrument named Single-Shot Scope based on optical recirculating loop technology. 

YY Labs is also providing services for optical and electrical test and measurement, with its rich experience with RF, microwave, electronics and optics, and with its high precision, wide frequency band instruments to help customers to solve their test and measurement problems. 

YY Labs is a memeber of Better Business Bureau.