YY Labs has moved to a new facility in Union City, California in September 2013.

New products micro-MBC-plus (single/dual channel) will soon be released to replace the current micro-MBC family. The new products have not only kept all functions of the current micro-MBC products, but also have new features and interface with computer.

YY Labs has developed a family of modulator bias controllers for various applications with pilot tone or without pilot tones, including analog, digital applications; especially for 40G and 100G communication system DQPSK/QAM/Arbitrary applications.

YY Labs has developed new products for Laser, LED, FiberOptics production line, such as Cam instant display, Optical beam profile monitor and analyzer.

Laurence Berkeley National Lab (LBNL) has developed a FemtoSecond Synchronization System for Accelerator RF klystrons and Laser system synchronization to FemtoSecond level. YY Labs has been working to turn this system into commercial products. Such system has been working stably for several years in several National Labs.

YY Labs has also developed instruments for its users in different areas. The OSNR Generator is developed for telecom system companies to measure their devices and systems.

YY Labs has successfully made longitudinal distribution measurements, with its Fiber Loop Single-shot Scope, on a single bunch of an electron beam, for Stanford Linear Accelerator Center PEP II storage ring. The results of these measurements have been reported at the Particle Accelerator Conference, Portland, Oregon, in May 2003. 

A higher than 10-GHz frequency response has been obtained, at YY Labs, with the Fiber Loop Single-shot Scope. This has been demonstrated with 60-ps single-shot signal measurements for the signal generated by the Impulse Signal Generator manufactured by PicoSecond Pulse Labs. This project was awarded the Department of Energy SBIR Phase I and Phase II Grants.